i just wanted to say thank you

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lifetime reading list.

hey guys! so, my apologies about the text heavy post, BUT i have a request of you….

i am asking that each and every one of my followers who sees this leave me the name and author of a book that changed their life (poetry or prose) in my ask, and i plan to read them all over the course of the next year (or as many as i can, and then i’ll keep reading the rest until i’m done with them!)

my best friend amy has me reading stephen kings collection of short storie “everything’s eventual” and the book the abortionists daughter. i’ve also snagged a couple david sedaris books to read while im at the beach.

have a happy day! thanks for your input :)

i figured it was appropriate to put this here; i want so badly to share something i’ve written with you all, and i never intend to publish this-it is entirely for myself and the amazing people who, over the last 8 weeks, have changed my life in ways no one will ever understand.

to all the young writers-don’t let your dreams die.

you are the vessel that has carried me through the water to land,
steel ship with impenetrable walls that 
held off the enemy fire
from the outside world.
my guard is down now, i’m going back to virginia
a vulnerable woman.

this place is the hospital where my birth took place,
July 2005.
now finally, having learned to speak:
seven years, nine deaths, and a rebirth later,

i am an unstoppable machine that runs on
illiterations and metaphors and
not enough poems about fruit.

i am an unstoppable machine that breaks down the
walls that stand in your way, who closes the mouth of every
person who tells you that
being a writer is not a practical career.

i am an unstoppable machine that loves you more than you will ever understand,
that will always be there for you to utilize
in times of needs, in emergencies

because this is not a camp, this
is not two weeks where
we bond and you leave.
this is two weeks of loving you unconditionally
and 50 weeks of waiting for you to come home.

this is the vessel that will carry you to land,
a steel ship, guards down,
but still protected,
so loved.

you are never alone.